Thinking of building your own Tiny Home?

NOW OFFERING: Tiny Home Consultation Package

The tiny house movement has been growing in popularity for several years throughout Canada as a way for people to live a simple, more affordable, minimalist lifestyle.  After joining this movement in 2017 and experiencing it first-hand, I realized how much work and research it took to build a tiny home, I would like to make the process easier for others.


I have sourced all of the information for building and got first-hand experience seeing it all come together. The last piece of the puzzle was to bundle it all together in a step by step DIY Tiny Home package which is now being offered for all of my Tiny Home Clients that will save you time and money while planning and constructing your tiny house.


Fee; $2,400.00 (tax in)

Please see attached for a detailed description of what this includes


  • Up to two in-person meetings at my Tiny Home located in Iroquois Falls

This viewing will give you a better idea as to what layout and size would work best for you before you start the planning process. 


  • Answers questions regarding the construction, materials, etc 


  • Contacts for local / Northern Ontario trades people who can help with tasks such as plumbing, electrical, solar system and wind mill installers who offer great services for fair prices 


  • A list of the top trailer builders for homes on wheels 

Your foundation is the most important part. I do not recommend using old camper trailer frames, car haulers etc. 


  • Information on the different heating, insulation and proper ventilation options for Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes are usually under 400sq ft, which limit heating and ventilation options.


  • Information about Septic/waste water

You will learn what we can and can not use for toilet options and grey water disposal for our climate and what would work for your property specifically. 


  • Help with the process of having a Tiny Home properly and legally equipped for hook up to Hydro 

A Tiny Home has to be properly certified in order to be plugged into any outlet that is taking energy from Hydro. This is an important process; especially for re-sale value if you are not off-grid. 


  • Information about where to park your home within Ontario


  • Recommendations on where to purchase: appliances, heating and cooling units, hot water heaters, etc 


  • Help with layout options and contacts for Tiny Home architects for proper planning. 


If you are interested in booking a consultation please contact me via phone (705)262-9599 or by email at

Happy planning!