About Me

I am a true Northerner, born and raised in Cochrane, Ontario. 
I relocated to Oakville in 2006 and graduated from the Applied Photography at

Sheridan College in 2008. 
After graduating I spent 4.5 months backpacking through Europe to feed my longing for adventure and travel.

I realized that Northern Ontario is my favourite place to be, so I returned.  

In 2010 opened up my business as a Professional Photographer . 

I am currently working as a full time Photographer and also dabble in the arts.

My Etsy shop is a hobby that I absolutely love! 

I hunt, fish and am a licensed Trapper. I also help raise Reindeer at The Reindeer Way Station. 

I recently made some pretty big (some would also say; tiny) changes in my life and built a Tiny House with the help of my incredibly talented dad, Maurice Robin. 

This webpage is a mixed tape of my life, my hobbies and everything in between!

Enjoy! XO

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Iroquois Falls, ON

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